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Life in abundance box

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This hand chosen present is the best art of 2017 created by the world’s most renown beeswax candle company.

The discerner’s purchase is an extremely well packed box full of master pieces, picked from the top of the cream of beeswax light.

50 available 2017, the rare possession was purpose built to rival Aladdin’s Cave and any other beeswax candle light in history.


Life in abundance includes :

200 of Australia’s original beeswax tea lights, tried, trusted, 8 hours each

4  Cathedrals, Northern Light’s most substantial candle, over 100 hours each

2 ‘Fuer Prinzessin’ the only and first release for 2018, this candle will stand all by itself

6  Packs of 3 {thats 18} hand blown german glass light bubbles, each loaded and ready, 8 hour burn each

8 Cheeriest of all twilights and brand new to the 2018 collection, the party by themselves

3 DIY kits, child friendly and child like simplicity, ingenious at core, make your own pure beeswax tea lights

3 Paschal candles, each empowered with enough light to fill the entire room

6 Australia’s finest organic beeswax from the famous Beeswax Australia Co, DIY balms, wraps, medicines – 5 recipes included

10 Northern Light friendly pure cotton Bags. Useful time and time again, the gift packer’s helper

20 NL’s own, the only purpose built beeswax tea light tin, reusable, made in Australia, in use 20 years

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37 × 30 cm