• DIY Beeswax dipped candles
  • DIY Beeswax dipped candles
  • DIY Beeswax dipped candles

DIY Dipped Beeswax candles


DIY dipped Beeswax candles – freight free.

Create your own dipped Beeswax candles with the worlds finest ingredients, each pack contains 400g of Pure Australian Beeswax drops and 5m of purpose woven organic cotton candle wick.

Beeswax drops measure, handle and melt with ease, let the sweet smell of honey fill the air as these pure Australian beeswax drops melt

With the perfect balance of wax and wick each candle uniquely your own, dip to your ideal candle.

The candle wick is purpose woven with the finest organic cotton for Northern Light, used in NL dinner candles and tapers.

This candle pack is perfect for kids of all ages, from 3 – 100+


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DIY dipped beeswax candles – To use simply:

Find a tall thin jar and fill with drops almost to the top

Place jar in pot of simmering water to melt wax

Once wax is melted top up with further drops to bring you your desired candle hight.

Cut wick to required length, dip into molten wax enjoy the sight of many bubbles rising to the surface.

Take out, let cool and repeat…

You choose when your candle is ready.


Printable instructions included at checkout.

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